ROI Calculator by Cantor : Companion for Delivery

Companion for Delivery (c4d) is a set of tools used to increase STEP user’s productivity. Fully integrated into STEP (access from the Workbench) it’s a software aimed at the Integration and Development teams.
It optimizes the quality of your developments with continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, …) by securing your STEP environments. Also, it allows you to configure the data model, business rules, workflows, and portals of STEP easily while implementing non-regression unit tests.

It’s an ROI-generation tool designed to save time, resources and to limit the risk of errors. It brings you perfect centralized management control of your developments and easily secure the evolutions of your data model.

In just a few minutes, find out how c4d can optimise your project on various levers in your STEP environment:

  • Savings generated with C4d of your dev the team
  • Savings generated with C4d on development activity
  • Savings generated with C4d on STEP testing activity
  • Savings generated with C4d on deployment activity
  • Savings generated with C4d on datamodel maintenance


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