Editorial by
Philippe Finkel,
Founder of Cantor

“In 1996, I decided to create Cantor with technological diversity as a core value. My aim is to find solutions to real needs by placing people at every level.”

As an employee developer and then a freelancer in the field of microanalysis and computer linguistics, I have always wanted to be further upstream in projects. I wanted to be involved in the structuring choices made by clients and to have a 360° vision of projects.

Since the beginning of Cantor, I have made sure that I offer great satisfaction to our clients and also to the whole team by working on diversified and innovative projects.

As I often say, the Cantor team is a team of generalist experts! I have always wanted the entire R&D team to evolve beyond technologies and to reinvent itself every day.

It is with this philosophy that Cantor’s range of expertise and services was born: Data 360, Development, TMA.

“We are upstream of the projects to have a better understanding  of our customers’ needs. This is the best way to be  a force of proposal and to develop quality projects”

Teamwork and the development of everyone’s skills is also a very strong pillar at Cantor.

We often work in pairs: one senior and one junior.

This simple recipe allows the juniors to grow very quickly and the seniors to develop on a daily basis. Cutting-edge training of our teams is to remain  a priority at Cantor.

I also devote part of my time to giving courses in object-oriented programming (OOP) and Design Patterns, in software engineering.

I supervise engineers’ end-of-study projects and I am a VAE (validation of acquired experience) pedagogical referent at the University of Paris Est Marne la Vallée (UPEM) and at ESIPE (engineering school with a vocational sandwich course).

“Connecting school and the world of work is essential for me. It is also a source of inspiration to develop Cantor and stay connected to future developments in technology and markets.”


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