Strengthencommunication betweenyour business and IT teams

Pictogramme Devops

Optimizethe quality and the reliability of your developments

Acceleratethe integration of STEP data into your IS

Companion by Cantor

Companion for Delivery

dedicated to Integration and Dev Team

Easily build and secure STEP configuration management: data model, business rules, workflows, portals and privileges.

Execute unit, non regression and automated test

Companion for Business
dedicated to Business Team

Streamline STEP data model governance across business teams with a dedicated graphical interface.

Share the data model dictionary, available online.

Companion for Integration

dedicated to IT Team

Accelerate, industrialize and secure the way you need to expose your data from STEP to your IS

Companion software suite

Companion for Delivery

A software dedicated to integration and development teams

C4d optimizes the quality of your developments with continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, …) by securing your STEP environments..

C4d solution allows you to configure the data model, business rules, workflows and portals of STEP easily while implementing non-regression unit tests..

During massive, partial or simultaneous changes, you benefit from perfect centralized management control of your developments in order to easily secure the evolutions of your data model. Configuration versionning is fully controlled..

The automation of deployment procedures allows you to save your time by limiting the risk of errors.

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Companion for Business

A software dedicated to business teams

C4b facilitates data model communication between IT and business teams.

C4b solution allows to externalize the configuration of part of the data model to the business teams, in particular via Excel or CSV files in Companion format.

C4b allows to delegate the administration and management of the data model and nomenclatures by business user according to his activity while ensuring the consistency of the general configuration of the STEP software.

Business teams gain autonomy and visibility on their “proprietary” data thanks to files understood by everybody. The data model update cycle is greatly shortened while ensuring product structure harmonization.

C4b facilitates the implementation of governance by controlling the level of decentralization adapted to your organization.

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Companion for Integration

A software dedicated to IT teams

C4i is an integrated extension to STEP, developed by Cantor. The solution accelerates the exposure of your data from STEP for sharing across the enterprise.

C4i allows you to export data sets from STEP to databases or middleware in a format defined by simple configuration and with high performance.

The output format and content are defined by the user for the different targets and the data is denormalized to be easy to use.

The data are perfectly understandable for a non-STEP expert.

This allows you to exploit your STEP data in a configurable and flexible way to easily evolve with your needs and provide an efficient response to your internal teams.

C4i is compliant with Stibo guidelines and STEP updates.

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Companion for Integration - Legrand Company

C4i is the right answer to expose data with high quality, efficiency in a short time

Cédric Gavand – IT Project Manager – Legrand

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