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R&D team

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Our STEPskills

From the architecture to the building robust, high-performance and customized MDM  solution based on STEP technology

Advanced step expertise center

Data gouvernance & quality
Environments Management
STEP Administration

Customized Developments

STEP Java custom extensions
Dedicated Strategic Portal or Application
Connector & API

Companion Software Suite

Companion software suite
dedicated to accelerate end to end deployment of STEP software in your business

Our areas ofMDM-PIM expertise

Enterprise Architecture Strategies& Digital Transformation

Leverage digital transformation within your IS

IT systems are becoming more and more complex. However, their alignment with the corporate strategy has become a strategic issue for companies.

The knowledge of an organization’s architecture and its technical adaptation allows to harmonize the gaps between a company’s strategy and its implementation, to control operational risks and to guarantee the quality of processes and data.

This global approach is part of a logic of digital transformation to improve the company’s activities:

Optimize customer experience and business team productivity by digitizing processes while ensuring operational excellence
Rationalize the IS by improving applications and data flows in a risk management approach
Enter into a technical planning logic at the service of business teams
Make data governance a global strategic approach of the company

Depending on your needs, we can support you in your data management process, organizational and technical projects.

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Master Data Management& Product Information Management

Improve the quality and availability of your multi-domain data reference

As an “Enterprise” Partner of StiboSystems, we support you from beginning to end: creation, deployment and migration of the strategic repository according to your specific needs by bringing you the best practices of the market in terms of Data Quality.

Optimize and standardize the processes, quality and value of the data on a continuous basis to accelerate the Time to Market and ensure an optimal user experience across all domains (products, customers, suppliers, production sites …)

Our end customers in french Market: Lapeyre, Auchan, Manutan, Engie, Saint Gobain Building Construction, Galeries Lafayette, Legrand …

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Software Editor Companion dedicated to StiboSystems' STEP solution

Accelerate end to end deployment of STEP Software in the business

Our Master Data Management expertise division, our R&D culture, the proximity with the customers and the partner StiboSystems on STEP technology since 2008, have naturally led us to develop a technological solution: Companion suite software.

Based on the STEP technology of StiboSystems, our Companion software suite allows you to:

Strengthen communication  between your business and IT teams

Optimize the quality of your developments

Accelerate the integration of STEP data into your IS

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Strategic business application development based on STEP data

Develop your application and portal projects with high added value

Every day you experience difficulties that make you lose time. To solve them, you are often confronted with two choices: a specialized editor’s solution or a specific solution.

Against popular belief, a specific application development is not necessarily more expensive than an existing solution. It often brings a much higher ROI: an exact response to your needs that integrates with your existing environment without calling into question your entire IT architecture.

We bring real data and technical expertise to your business projects.

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