Always state of the art

Cantor relies on a strong internal R&D strategy. We remain a state of the art company and we consolidate our expertise through our services.

Continuous technological watch

Monitoring and testing new technologies and frameworks is essential in Cantor company. We deploy fully secure tools to our customers.

Continuous training of our engineers

Self-training, MOOCs, advanced java course, external training… Training our engineers team is an important commitment at Cantor to stay at state of the art.

POC development

When a technology seems really promising, we carry out a demanding POC to evaluate and identify its potential and its limits

Software products

Our R&D allows us to consolidate and industrialize our “good ideas” in order to use them efficiently and security for our clients’ projects

Development of internal tools

If necessary, we develop our own internal tools in order to test new technologies in depth and to better appropriate them

Background work oninfrastructure

Docker revolution has transformed all our infrastructures over the past 5 years. We continuously work on automation deployment, monitoring and security. This approach allows us to serenely manage our internal services, test environments, acceptance, and our customers’ production environments.

Our R&D strategystrategy leads us to innovate

Increase productivity and development quality on StiboSystems' STEP solution

As a result of its ongoing R&D strategy, Cantor has developed the Companion software suite.

This unique solution accelerates the deployment of StiboSystems’ STEP solution from start to finish thanks to three complementary software bricks.

More about Companion

.Now software solutions

.Now software solutions are designed for small and medium sized businesses with advanced technology needs in areas as diverse as IoT, Product Information Management and video and audio streaming.

These software products are available in SaaS mode and provide a quick and easy solution that integrates with your existing environment and tools. They have been designed to provide an affordable alternative to existing tools on the market.

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Strong partnerships

Our Research and Development strategy is reinforced by strong partnerships with leading engineering schools.

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