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of your key
data flow

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data expertise

Make all your innovative technology projects a reality

thanks to our
R&D team

Capitalize on your technologies and environments

thanks to our culture focus on
technological diversity

Our skilled profession

Consulting &
Project management

Data Governance
Data Quality
Project Owner Support

Infrastructure Management

Environments Management
(OVH, Docker, Amazon …)

Software Editor

Companion software suite
.now software suite (IoT, Visio …)

Customized Development solutions

Connector & API
(Kafka, Redis, Elastic, Middlewares)
Strategic Portal or Application

Application management Service

Preventive Corrective and Ongoing Maintenance even at low volume

Our areas of expertise

Enterprise Architecture Strategies
& Digital Transformation

Leverage digital transformation within your IS

IT systems are becoming more and more complex. However, their alignment with the corporate strategy has become a strategic issue for companies.

The knowledge of an organization’s architecture and its technical adaptation allows to harmonize the gaps between a company’s strategy and its implementation, to control operational risks and to guarantee the quality of processes and data.

This global approach is part of a logic of digital transformation to improve the company’s activities:

  • Optimize customer experience and business team productivity by digitizing processes while ensuring operational excellence
  • Rationalize the IS by improving applications and data flows in a risk management approach
  • Enter into a technical planning logic at the service of business teams
  • Make data governance a global strategic approach of the company

According to your needs, we accompany you in your organizational and technical projects.

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Personne codant sur un ordinateur

Master Data Management
& Product Information Management

Improve the quality and availability of your multi-domain data reference

Optimize and standardize the processes, quality and value of your data on a continuous basis to accelerate your Time to Market and ensure an optimal user experience across all domains (products, customers, suppliers, production sites, addresses, …)

As an “Enterprise” Partner of StiboSystems, we support you from beginning to end: creation, deployment and migration of your strategic repository according to your specific needs by bringing you the best practices of the market in terms of Data Quality.

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Strategic business application development

Develop your application and portal projects with high added value

Every day you encounter certain recurring problems that make you lose time. To solve them, you are often confronted with two choices: a specialized editor’s solution or a specific solution.

Contrary to popular belief, a specific application development is not necessarily more expensive than an existing solution. It often brings a much higher ROI: an exact response to your needs that integrates with your existing environment without calling into question your entire IT architecture.

We act as a true craftsman at the service of your business.

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IoT (Internet of Things)
& Industrial Computing

Implement a digital processing chain

Connected objects are omnipresent in our lives.
It is estimated that there are about 21 billion connected objects in use worldwide.

More and more companies are investing in IoT (Internet of Things) technology, in order to collect and process reliable data that contributes to the optimization or creation of new uses for businesses and its consumers.

Automated management of alerts, process optimization, yield and supply improvement, energy consumption management, inventory optimization, automated stock management… There are many use cases today that are sources of productivity gains and revenue development.

IoT projects require multiple skills: electronics, industrial, application, infrastructure, storage and security.

These IoT projects are at the heart of Cantor’s creation.
Our historical Industrial IT division ,allows us to provide a customized response to each of your projects.

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R&D Strategy

Supporting you in all your innovative ideas and projects

By relying for years on a strong internal R&D strategy,
we remain at the state of the art and consolidate our expertise through our interventions.

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